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Ways to Raise Funds For an Animal Shelter

There are thousands of animals living in shelters all over the country. Running a shelter is expensive. The animals need to be fed and cared. Pet food and supplies along with vet care can be very expensive. There are some tips to help raise money for animal shelters to help cover the costs of taking care of the animals.

Sell Paw Prints

Paw prints are a great visual reminder for fundraising. Paw prints can be cut out of paper and sold to donors. They can then put their name on the paw and hang it on a wall in a local store or a shelter. All that is needed is a pattern and paper. This fundraiser is inexpensive. Paws can be sold for a dollar each or a donation. This is a great way to bring in funds.


Crowdfunding is very popular these days. It is easy to create a page for the animal shelter and send out links to this page via social media. These sites are easy to find and it makes it easy for a person to donate with a credit card, debit card, or online wallet such as Paypal.

Car Wash

A car wash is another way to raise funds for the animal shelter. Volunteers can wash the cars and all of the funds used can go towards the animal shelters. This is another inexpensive fundraising idea. On warm and sunny days people are willing to donate to have their cars cleaned. There can also be a bucket for donations to be accepted.

Have a Bark Sale

This is very similar to a bake sale but instead of selling human treats, homemade treats for the animals can be made and sold. There are many great treat recipes to bake and they can be packaged up like baked goods. It is a good idea to set up outside of a store with their permission and sell to customers as they walk by. Any leftover treats can be given to the shelter dogs.

50/ 50 Raffle

Raffle tickets are easy to come by and they are popular items. These tickets sell easily. During the raffle, a person purchasing the ticket will get half of the money that is raised for all the ticket sales. This will help bring in funds for the shelter and is appealing to many people. There is always the chance a person will donate their winnings back to the shelter.

Walk a Thon

Fundraising walks are very popular. Find a place where a person can bring their dog to walk with them and with the permission of the community host a walk. Participants will need to donate money in order to join in on the walk. Pets from the shelter can also come out. People will be able to see the pets they are raising money for and maybe even want to adopt one.

These are some tips for how to fundraise for an animal shelter. These are some good ways to raise money to make sure the pets at the shelter get the care and the medical attention that they need. In our next article, read on hot water and honey in the morning benefits


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